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December 4, 2013 by Leigh-Anne Perryman

Another perspective on the PCF7 conference



Radio(Inter)active is a group of campus/community radio professionals and advocates attending the PCF7 Conference, experimenting with new interactive tools and techniques such as online social media tools and enhanced broadcast applications to enable better interaction between radio stations and their listeners within their host communities.

Hub at work

The Radio(inter)active Team is made up of the following local partners:

  • Noun 105.9 FM
  • Unilagradio 103.1FM
  • Search 92.3 FM
  • Lion FM 91.1
  • African Radio Drama Association (ARDA)
  • Farm Radio International
  • Institute for Media and Society
  • Commonwealth of Learning
  • BUK98.9 FM
  • ICE 96.1 FM
  • Hope 89.1 FM, (Babcock University)
  • Unizik 94.1 FM
  • Diamond 101.1FM
  • Mentors Assistance For Youths and Entrepreneurs Initiative (MAYEIN)


Flash2VoteThis is a mobile-based technology used to aggregate opinion polls from listeners and local audience groups on diverse polling questions at no cost for the listener.

The Flash2vote technology is being used by the radio(inter)active team during the PCF7 Conference to sample participants’…

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