I am an academic at The Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology.  My  research interests include the use of OER and open educational practices in the developing world.  In addition, I was a Fellow of the Hewlett Foundation-funded OER Research Hub project, led by Martin Weller.  My OER Research Hub Fellowship research was broadly focussed on exploring the impact of OER in low-income countries (with a particular focus on India, and the TESS-India project) and various informal learning contexts (including OpenLearn).  You can read my publications, all of which are open access, by following the links on this list.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Humanities with Art History, a master’s degree in Researching Inclusive Education and a PhD in Inclusive Arts Education, awarded by The Open University, UK. My doctoral thesis explored adults’ cognitive and affective responses to contemporary art and the implications for arts pedagogy, resulting in the development of a multi-emotion appraisal theory-based model of aesthetic perception and visual arts pedagogy, accessible here. I am a Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy and of the Institute for Learning. I have been a lecturer for The Open University for 15 years, where I have also been involved in authoring module materials and designing online courses. I currently chair the new Open University module H819 The Critical Researcher.



One thought on “About

  1. enlighting says:

    Hello Leigh-Anne,
    It is so nice to see your blog talking about OER,OCW and their benefits to other people. Can I share my 2 year long innovative educational project endorsed by UNESCO?? It has Used 50 mooc/ocw/oer and appreciated worldwide for redesigning education curriculum.

    Ankit Khandelwal

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Blogging on open educational resources (OER), open educational practices (OEP), educational research methods and online practices in the developing world, and in the voluntary sector.

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